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RV1 Veteran Gin

Amazing Gin and what a story. The tag recording the life of a soldier gave me goosebumps when I read it and when I opened the bottle we all made toast to this brave person.

Such a unique angle and quality liquid in the bottle.

CB – Kent 

Seriously impressive – my new Gin!

TD – Suffolk 

Had this in a hotel and was totally gripped by each bottle remembering a real person. Love it – what an amazing thing to do.

HF – London 

My new go-to Gin.

RW – Hertfordshire 

Absolutely love this gin, and an amazing story behind every bottle!!!

GB – West Sussex

Being a veteran myself I thought I would give this gin ago , now I’m not a gin drinker but loved it . Have have 3 bottles and will purchase more , highly recommended.

DE – Surrey