Our beginnings

RV1 Veteran Gin was born on 23rd March 2023, in Elizabeth Street, Belgravia. A unique London Dry leading a renaissance of classical beginnings, we believe an already exquisite blend tastes even better with the highest purpose fused within the liquid.

Our Veteran Gin is the only spirit in the world that honours Veterans by giving 100% of profits to support a modern age of struggle found across those who leave the Armed Forces and face common hardship and difficulty.

The Contract of Unlimited Liability

We firmly believe that anyone who has served their country does not deserve to be left behind or disadvantaged when out of uniform. Life in the Armed Forces demands a commitment and personal duty like no other career choice and deep rooted military Values and Standards sets the Armed Forces apart from other occupations and, often, from our enemies.

Officers and soldiers in the British Armed Forces must always be ready to serve; voluntarily placing their personal freedoms behind that of service to the Nation. Officers and soldiers must be willing to place themselves in positions of great danger, difficulty and stress; this includes mortal danger.

Service in the Armed Forces has the potential to demand personal sacrifices not expected of any other profession in our society. Those who join the Armed Forces must be prepared to knowingly risk their lives to save and preserve the lives of others.

Through Veteran Gin, we acknowledge what it takes to serve and want to help those who face difficulty in a new life away from the Armed Forces, Why? Because they do not deserve to be left behind and forgotten. 100% of all profits go to support such people and there is no other bottle on the shelf that has this great sense of action that can make a big difference to so many.

Blue Red Blue

With third generation family links to the Household Division, we acknowledge over 300 years of regimental history. Whether ‘red’ or ‘green’ the Guards Division adopts the very highest levels of professionalism and military standards (of course at their very highest in the Scots Guards!)

Veteran Gin
Veteran Gin