The spirit of service

With historic craft distillation methods dating back to 1651, our veteran gin botanicals create a unique experience that pays homage to its classical heritage yet delivers a punchy and powerful modern twist. Crafted in small batches, we gently distill 6 times to create an elegant and striking smoothness. All of our botanicals are all vapour infused that yields fragrant flavours and aromas to create an inimitable and unforgettable Gin experience.

The DNA of RV1 Veteran Gin

Juniper Рjuniperus communis is to Gin what grapes are to wine. Juniper berries give Gin its distinctive taste and are in fact so important to the spirit that they are required by law to be the core botanical in any drink that wants to call itself Gin!

Orris Root– works as a binding agent or fixative, lowering the volatility of other ingredients so that their aroma lasts longer

Coriander – plays a central role in supporting the lead act of Juniper. Once distilled, coriander produces a complex punch of flavour combining immediate citrus and spice

Liquorice – a distinctive flavour, similar to anise or fennel but with a pronounced sweetness. Very much there to make sure others play well together!

Angelica – an earthy flavour that provides a distinctive dryness and again a key fixative to bind with alcohol molecules as they evaporate. Known as ‘angels herb’ Angelica was considered for centuries to be a powerful protective herb against evil spirits, witchcraft and disease (including the plague!)

Cassia Bark – a different bark from the cinnamon family and is noticeably thicker with a hotter and sweeter taste. This manifests complexity to the base flavours adding a warming and earthy spiciness

Star of Anise – originating in Southern China, Star of Anise has been used as a spice and medicine for over 3000 years. In ancient Greece, writings explain how Anise can help breathing, relieve pain and eases thirst. More recent research also suggests that it will combat severe hangover effects!

Lemon Peel – with Gin, the lemon is peeled and the peel is dried before infusion and distillation. Lemon peel is in the top five or six most common botanicals used with Gin production

Java peppers – this provides a spicy and awakening flash and whilst may look similar to black pepper it is far more complex and aromatic.

‘The Enigma’ – a recipe would not be a recipe without an enigma or mystery ingredient. We keep this ingredient classified, with only 2 people ever knowing the secret at any one time.